Two strategies tailored to your criteria.

Vesta Property Group offers investment programs designed to meet the varying risk and return profiles of individual and institutional investors. In addition to its comingled funds, Vesta manages separate accounts with investment strategies tailored to a single investor’s specific investment criteria. Broadly speaking, Vesta’s programs fall under two overarching investment strategies:

Core Investment Strategy

The long-term ownership and management of single- and multi-tenant properties leased to high-credit-quality retailers under long-term leases. This conservative strategy offers investors low-risk exposure to retail real estate and a stable source of recurring income. Core real estate investments are expected to generate levered yields of 8% to 10% as well as real estate value appreciation. Characteristics of this strategy include:

(1) Properties leased to high-credit-quality retailers under long-term leases,

(2) Geographic diversity,

(3) Sector diversity,

(4) Moderate leverage (~60% loan-to-value).

Opportunistic Investment Strategy

Generating high-yield returns through short-term (under 2 years) investments. Opportunistic real estate investments are expected to generate annual returns in excess of 20%. This strategy primarily revolves around two activities

(1) providing equity financing to experienced developers for the development of

credit-tenant leased retail properties, and

(2) acquiring and leasing vacant and soon-to-be vacant properties.

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